Welcome Fitness Entrepreneurs!

Many individuals have spare rooms and garages that they never rent out or think of as an asset. Even small business owners forget that real estate is their best option to diversify in terms of multiple income streams. And who would ever think of renting or converting a garage?

You can help us make Garage 2 Fitness a success!

Garage 2 Fitness understands these obstacles to business innovation and property management, and that is why we are here to help you in the process of converting your property into a profitable gym!

Simply imagine being the only or most sought out  specialty gym in your town. You would be the go-to for all the fitness and health enthusiasts in your area who are looking for something different – a place that answers to their needs for novelty, flexibility, safety, and entrepreneurial community.

Ready to test the waters?

Register your business now, and we can start making this vision a reality!

If you sign up and recommend a friend who also signs up, both of you will automatically get 10% off our yearly membership fee! For every other friend that signs up after that, they receive 10% off and you receive an additional 5%. Now that’s quite the incentive to work out!

Just imagine earning thousands of dollars of passive income every month with your fitness gym. A true talk of the town!

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How it works

Register your home gym

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Connect with gym-goers!

Convert your garage into a gym!

Help us build a fitness revolution by becoming one of the first Garage 2 Fitness gym owners. We look forward to walking you through the whole process, and with our years of expertise, helping you convert your garage into an gym in no time!


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Against all obstacles, stay focused on your goals and achieve your fitness dreams with Garage 2 Fitness