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Try a New Form of Exercise

Don’t get trapped by your own limitations. Exercise can be performed in almost any setting. Your home and the surrounding neighborhood are the perfect places to try some new styles of exercise out. Starting with:


Do you want to get fit? Shed a few pounds that you gained during the lockdown? Or do you want to just feel good? You can’t beat a good run. If you have access to quiet nature trails, even better. If not, find a local park or even some quiet streets in your neighborhood.

For any city slickers, get out onto the streets early when it’s quiet, and the roads are free from traffic and commuters.

Running is a straightforward and effective way to increase your overall fitness. You’ll improve your cardio, burn calories quickly, and you may just discover some of your local areas along the way.

If you’re used to running on a treadmill, you may be in for a shock. Running outside on the street or the countryside is a lot more complicated. You have various types of ground covering, gradients, and the weather.The upside is that outside runners get fitter quicker. Try to find a local route that mixes it up between streets, nature, and hills. Get your tunes on, and most importantly, have a good time. Running is a time for fun and reflection, it can be meditative and is a great way to start your day.


Thirty minutes on a kayak does more for your core than your previous two weeks of crunches. Kayaking is a full-body workout that will quickly build your base, arms, shoulders, and back strength.

All that rotating will rip your torso up. At first, it will be hard work, but kayaking is an addictive and fun mistress. Once you pop, it’s hard to stop. You can do it alone, but it’s much safer to do with a partner or friends.

If you’re lucky enough to have a local waterway where it’s possible to kayak, get out there and have some fun. Not only will you increase your cardio fitness ten-fold, but you’ll get to see some beautiful nature along the way.

Just like running, kayaking can also be a deeply therapeutic and meditative experience. It’s great for boosting your focus and general mood.


If you don’t yet know what calisthenics is, get online and check out some videos and example workouts. Calisthenics is a form of exercise consisting of a variety of movements that aim to work out large muscle groups and improve your grace of movement simultaneously.

Avid calisthenic people are ultra-strong and flexible, able to move and shift their entire body weight with ease. Strength training and resistance training at home are the bread and butter of calisthenics. You can expect to do a lot of pushing, pulling, twisting, and balancing with these home strength workouts.

Calisthenics has been purposely designed to improve strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, and aerobic conditioning. That’s just about everything you need to be a physically fit individual.

Those that are big into calisthenics are often very enthusiastic about the training and will likely tell you to quit your expensive gym immediately. In exchange, for your gym, they will tell you to set yourself up at home or in public with a mat and start working on your squats, push-ups, lunges, crunches, dips, jumping jacks, broad jumps, and handstands.

Calisthenics is deeply rewarding for anyone that is committed and works hard. There is a need for self-discipline and consistency here to really reap the rewards. Calisthenics is for you if you want to start strength training at home.


HIIT is an explosive form of exercise designed to work on your cardio and strength simultaneously. HIIT has become a global phenomenon over the last decade and the results often speak for themselves.

By combining a series, or multiple rounds, of explosive moves in a short time, HIIT works you hard but efficiently. If you’re looking to lose weight quickly while subtly increasing your strength, HIIT is a good option.

HIIT is popular for its quick sessions. Those with busy lives can really benefit from this form of exercise. Most sessions last between 20-45 minutes. Following a 5 day, a week, or daily HIIT program is a great way to incorporate strength training at home.

When following a HIIT program, expect a lot of quick-burst strength exercises at home involving running, jumping, sidestepping, squatting, crunches, mountain climbers, and everyone’s favorite HIIT exercise: the burpee!

Sign up for a Personal Training Program

If you struggle with the self-discipline or knowledge required to stay physically fit, you should speak with a personal trainer (PT). A PT is an expert in fitness and will be able to develop a personal training program and often a personalized meal plan to go with it.

Some people prefer a PT because the PT will motivate them in ways they could not do for themselves. It can be helpful to have someone cheer (and shout) you on.

Training programs allow you to stay on track, focus on your personal fitness goals, and are organized around your schedule. This makes it much easier to follow and remain consistent. You will still need a healthy dose of self-discipline to reap the rewards.

Improvise With Dumbells and Weights

Dumbbells and weights can take your exercise routine to the next level. Once you’ve mastered your workout with no equipment, introducing dumbbells and weights is the natural next step.

If you do calisthenics and/or HIIT training at home, adding weights will increase your workload by at least 25%. This will make your workouts tougher and get you sweating a whole lot more.

If you’re new to dumbbells and weights and are just looking to start weight training at home, there are plenty of resources online that contain dumbbell and weighted workouts. Feel free to choose exercises that isolate different muscle groups and make sure you keep your workouts varied throughout the week.

You don’t want to focus on just one or two muscle groups. Mix it up between your shoulders, arms, chest, back, legs, and abs. This improves and builds your physique in a natural way. It’s also safer for your body, reducing the risk of injuries.

Use a Home Gym

A home gym can be a fantastic addition to your home and life. It’s the chance to build a personal gym that’s just for you and learn how to workout from home effectively. There is no waste of equipment, and a home gym can really motivate you to stay fit.

Those who lead busy lives with their career or family can benefit greatly from a home gym. There is no excuse to not walk downstairs into your garage and do some weight training at home.

Most people build their gym in their garage. A garage tends to be a little cooler than other rooms in the house and makes for a good gym space with a solid concrete floor and a strong ceiling for hanging equipment.

Home gyms are comfortable. They are always open. They always play your favorite tunes. You’re never thrown off a machine. Nobody stares at you, and your smoothie machine and hot shower are just upstairs. It’s the perfect place for at-home strength training in peace.

If you’re lucky enough to have an open garage or a large room in the house, building a home gym is a game-changer. Most home workout people report feeling more motivated and achieving better results.

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