Meet Gregg Sharp

Garage 2 Fitness was created by Gregg Sharp in 2020 in order to revolutionize and decentralize the fitness industry, especially given the social and economic demands of the future.


My name is Gregg Sharp and thank you for taking the time to get started in Garage2Fitness the most exciting new health and fitness company in the US!

Our goal is to provide You as the Member and You as an G2F Franchise owner with real fitness solutions that will give you the opportunity to get and stay in fitness shape as well as get in and stay in financial shape in a fast-changing world!

A little about me… I have been in sports and fitness my entire life whether it was in the gym or on the field. Like many of my generation I started with a simple metal bar and a set of concrete filled weights in my basement. My bench press, squat rack and utility set up was an old redwood picnic bench and two chairs facing back to back that I begged my parents for me to keep and use. I loved fitness from the very start but like most my fitness journey has been a bunch of squiggly lines!

 Playing sports through High School I committed to playing college football at Cornell University where I studied Chemistry and Economics. After tearing my pectoral muscle in a game my freshman season, I no longer could play to the level I desired and stop playing the game I loved. After gaining a bit of weight I found myself at the local Youth Building and started training as a boxer for several years and eventually competing in the Golden Gloves back in 1992.

After college, football and boxing I continued to work out in gyms for many years and took a part time job with a National Fitness Marketing Company where I quickly learned the business and shined! Then in 1997 I was invited to become involved with the very first Bally Total Fitness Franchise ever! Fast forward 20 plus years and I have owned and operated over 18 successful health clubs on the East and West Coast and have been instrumental of helping 100’s of thousand fitness enthusiasts with my clubs!


Today the journey takes a new turn as Garage2Fitness truly allows your fitness goals never to be sidelined again

Site Note: Gregg has had multiple business success including A2M Contractors, A2M Entertainment, Fit-Pro International Marketing Group, A2M Consultants, Elite Fitness, and several other businesses that he has developed and made successful!

Against all obstacles, stay focused on your goals and achieve your fitness dreams with Garage 2 Fitness



“I have worked with Gregg in the fitness field for almost a decade and can promise you that everything that he brings to the table is professional, high quality, well balanced  and successful!! Being a WBFF FITNESS PRO I believe that Garage 2 Fitness will be nothing short of Amazing!!!”

Kryssy Whillock